Summer Yoga Camp for Teachers, June-August 2021

This has been a very trying year for teachers. I've seen my colleagues and my student teachers struggle with teaching online and face-to-face all through the pandemic. Teachers have had to learn new technology on-the-fly and have been asked to add Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) to their curriculum while dealing with their own emotional dilemmas including worrying about their own and family members' health through the lockdown.

This workshop is designed for teachers. It was piloted in January and February and the testimonials were overwhelmingly positive. It includes training and practices in yoga asanas (postures); pranayama (breathing techniques to calm the central nervous system); guided meditations and visualizations all designed to help build resilience.

This workshop is fully online and asynchronous. It can be taken as a 1-week intensive course, or spread out throughout the summer. It is open from the beginning of June until the end of August. Participants can download the content to practice again at their own pace.

The lessons are organized around the 7 chakras and journaling helps participants to internalize the practices. Journaling can be done as a "diary" or a "sketchbook journal". Creativity is encouraged!

If you would like to learn more about this course, and are ready to prioritize your own health, please click on this link:

And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at

All the best,

Julie Sawyer, Ed.D., RYT

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