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Personalized Practice Focused on Your Goals

Flexibility Yoga Stress Reduction

Private sessions are designed to reduce chronic pain and stress carried in the hips, spine, and shoulders and will focus on developing flexibility in these areas while integrating restorative practices to reduce stress. Students will experience increased flexibility over time and learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress.

Trapeze yoga

Private sessions will focus on increasing flexibility and strength in the spine, as well as strengthening core muscles and grip strength.  In addition, students who are interested in the health benefits of inversions, but find them difficult to attain, will find that the trapeze is the best yoga prop!  Inversions are fun, full of health benefits, and empowering.  

Tight Hips Shoulders

Private sessions are designed to gently increase mobility and confidence after a sports injury or surgery. Injury recoveries have included knee injuries, ruptured discs, sciatica, and shoulder strains.  Surgery recoveries have included hip replacements, mastectomies, and knee surgeries.

60 plus Yoga
60+ YOGA

Private sessions will focus on joint health, balance, and using asana to unwind painful patterns or physical tightness in the body.  Stress reduction through breathing techniques, and mindfulness will also be emphasized.

Progressive Vinyasa

Private sessions will focus on increasing strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, and physical, and mental stamina. Students will learn regular sequences that coordinate breath with movement. This personalized practice will increase in intensity to challenge the body and mind. 

Tone Sculpt Yoga
Tone Sculpt Yoga®

Private sessions will focus on combining traditional yoga postures with strength training and cardio. This is a challenging, energizing, and fun practice!  You will need two sets of weights -- we use lighter weights than strength training in the gym. 

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Online Instruction  

Private sessions are offered via Zoom.

Mindful Yoga
Mindful Yoga

Private sessions will incorporate mindful movement, breathing practices, and meditation. Through this practice, students will calm the nervous system, improve the mind-body connection, and increase resilience.  You will need blankets or cushions for sitting in meditation.


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It’s been a lifesaver to have your yoga classes throughout the pandemic. 

~ Lee (Feb 2021)