Building Resilience through Mindfulness, Art, and Yoga -- Starts June 20

Based on a very successful program for art teachers that I offered during 2021, this training brings SEL fully into the art curriculum while supporting the emotional resilience of art teachers in the process.

During this 7-week program, you will have the opportunity to be part of an online community with other like-minded art educators while learning how to decrease stress and manage the many challenges teachers face today.

You will also build strength, flexibility, and resilience while becoming more energized and focused. Learn how to prioritize your own health no matter what arises. No yoga experience is necessary.

Additional benefits:

· The artwork you create may be used as exemplars for your students

· You will be testing and adapting art lessons directly related to SEL

· You will become a valuable resource to other teachers as we help our students through emotional stressors and trauma

· You can opt for private yoga lessons (for an additional fee) – participants in this program will be given priority over my schedule

If you are interested, we will meet for a free 30-minute intro session to see if this program is for you.

Online Course:

Each Monday, you will have access to new content that includes:

· An art journal prompt that will encourage social, emotional learning as well as an exploration of how, why, and where we hold stress in the body

· Short yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices

· Successful, time-tested art projects for you to incorporate into your classes right away

In addition, you will have access to many resources that will help you advocate for the arts as one of the best means in public schools to address SEL in the curriculum.

Each Sunday, you will share your work, questions, or instructional issues with an online community of visual art colleagues. My experience has been that the sharing of resources has been wonderfully generous and open!

I will be with you throughout the whole process, and you can call, email, or text with any questions, and I will get back to you right away.

Interested? Please contact me at 413-221-1695 or email me at


Week 1: Introduction to Mindfulness & the Subtle Body in Yoga Practice, Muladhara Chakra, and Sketchbook Prompts

Week 2: Mindfulness of the Body & Emotions, Swadhisthana Chakra, and Sketchbook Prompts

Week 3: Mindfulness for Anxiety, Being with What’s Difficult, Building Nervous System Resilience, Manipura Chakra, and Sketchbook Prompts

Week 4: Loving Kindness & Compassion, Anahata Chakra, and Sketchbook Prompts

Week 5: Mindful Communication, Visuddha Chakra, Planning for Final Project

Week 6: Resilience and Resources, Ajna Chakra, Planning for Final Project

Week 7: Moving Forward Mindfully, Sahasrara Chakra, Sharing Final Project and Reflections

The 7-week online course is $215. ($30/week)

Private sessions are optional and half-price for this group.

Payment can be made in two installments: the first before the course begins and the second before week 4.

Limit 10 students! Apply Soon!

Feedback from participants:

“I have started integrating so much of this with my students! We have done projects inspired by this course, guided meditations, class discussions, and even listened to music shared here! My students and I are building a relationship and they are starting to open up. I think it's because they finally believe I actually care and I'm so excited to make this connection! They've been so quiet and they're finally talking!”

“I was thinking about the past five weeks and I do believe that the yoga practice with Julie has worked its magic on many levels. It has increased my self-confidence and removed blocks that were preventing me from formulating a plan for my self-care and preservation as a healthy and strong art educator. The meditations and journal prompts opened up new ways of thinking and fresh perspectives on my path forward. This year has been such a challenge for a lot of us, and this program has helped me navigate it more gracefully. I plan to continue my personal yoga education and infuse it into the art curriculum whenever I can. Happier and healthier teachers make space for happier and healthier students. I look forward to future collaborations!”

“These weeks have been so informative and personally fulfilling. Truly the best PD I’ve done in a very long time! Thank you all for your ideas and inspiration. I will miss our group. I looked forward to each week and am excited to share this experience with colleagues and students! I’m a bit sad it’s over! I’m inspired to continue yoga practice and am so happy I have dedicated art making time in my week again! I didn’t realize how much I missed these things in my life. Meditation was a huge part of my life years ago and I’m finally in a place where I want to build myself back up to where I was with it. Thanks for being wonderful!”

“The art journaling prompts seemed most helpful in moving forward with this SEL work with students. The prompts were fun and easy. I enjoyed dong them myself and sharing them with my students. It was very accessible to any grade level, which is important to me because I teach art to K-4 students. Often times, this grade level is overlooked because they are so young, but they are very reflective and insightful!”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you especially, Julie for your dedication to helping us find some peace and comfort through all of their shared art making, yoga, and mindfulness activities. This has been a life changing experience for me. I feel like in times of stress or anxiousness I can now call upon the yoga, art making and meditation/breathing techniques that I have learned. Not only can I use them but I can share them with others: colleagues, students, family members, friends etc. and I am excited to do so. The chakra meditation that you lead Julie was especially helpful for me this week. Thank you all for being so open and collaborative. I will forever be grateful for this group!

Julie please know that you changed each of us to be better teachers and colleagues, and versions of ourselves through this work. I see this course/information as a light that shines upon all those that attended but also extends to the others that we share it with. With Deep Gratitude: Namaste”

“I loved every aspect of the course especially the fact that it was active – physically – and the art making prompts.”

“Experiencing the process as a student instead of planning and implementing the SEL lessons/resources was healing. It also gave me a perspective on my own intentions. I realized that I was using art making as an escape and purposefully approaching the creative process with acknowledgement of my trauma while envisioning a positive way to move forward in my personal and professional life was both enlightening and exciting.”

“I loved interacting with colleagues and following the same journey!”

“Honestly I found every element helpful. The only challenge was time – I hope to access the resources that I did not have enough time to participate in fully – this offered a deep variety of experiences for learners with different styles and purpose to engage in. I can also say I truly learned the definition of SEL by doing – thank you.”

“I would love to see this developed into a summer workshop or intensive weeklong training. Thank you so much for all of the sharing. It was an honor to be part of this group.”

“I think administrators would also benefit from an experience like this. It is immersive and experiential – it invites interaction from all levels of artists and educators. It exposes the value and deep impact the artistic process has on the psychological and physiological wellness of an individual! Absolutely life changing!”

“I started the SEL sketchbook prompt with my teachers. I had several teachers respond and one teacher, who I have been concerned about, came through with the most powerful image and experience. She has been through some very traumatic events in the past year on top of dealing with the pandemic.

Yesterday we met as a department -- some in person -- most on a google meet. I assembled the teacher responses and had people share their experiences and meaning behind their work -- and it was so powerful -- it felt as if the computer and technology just disintegrated and there were no barriers between the online attendants and the in person -- which I have never experienced -- the vehicle was the artwork -- and the emotions behind it.

The teacher I was concerned about explained her work and just began opening up about her year sharing with the department the trauma and losses she has experienced. She also shared that this was her first experience confronting her trauma through a productive process.

As she worked on her artwork, she said it was a cathartic and emotional experience that allowed her to connect and express her current state of being.

And she just asked for more. She said that she and her family need it. The natural organic response from the department was breathtaking -- the love and care that transferred through the actual and virtual space was palpable.

And what was interesting (on a separate note) was that her artwork was exactly the image of a feeling I was experiencing at the beginning of your course. Although I moved forward in the prompt choosing to express how to move forward with the trauma, my colleague’s work and expression showed me and herself where she is in the process of healing. This was helpful to both of us as I can honor her place and help her with a path to healing. I just wanted to share and say thank you so much for this wonderful gift - I am learning so much from you.”

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