Overwhelmed Teachers

I belong to several teachers' groups on Facebook and I can't help but notice the anxiety and tension they all feel as they begin to think about going back to school this fall. Many are opting for early retirement and others do not have that opportunity.

I decided to start a FB group myself in order to offer some of the stress management techniques offered in yoga and mindfulness practices. On this group page, I offer healthy snack recipes to help teachers get through their busy days and weeks. I also offer 15 minute stretches for a variety of issues -- neck, shoulders, spine, hips, hamstrings -- all areas where we hold stress.

There are also opportunities to create journal or sketchbook pages related to all we are dealing with in these uncertain times. These can be used with students as well.

On Wednesdays, I will hold 30 minute live yoga classes in this group as well, because I know it is difficult for teachers to commit to a full hour.

You don't have to be a teacher to join. Maybe you know someone who would benefit from this. The link and the details are below -- please feel free to share.



If you would like help with:

1. managing stress due to the uncertainty we are facing during the pandemic,

2. releasing tension in your neck, shoulders, spine, hips and/or hamstrings,

3. learning breathing techniques to calm your central nervous system,

4. creating quick and healthy snacks to get your through your busy days and weeks,

5. using art and journaling to work through stressful issues (for you and your students),

please join my FB group.

Julie Sawyer, Ed.D. has been an art teacher for 20 years in public schools in MA and CT, as well as a district department leader, K-12 for 10 years. She has also been teaching online at UMass-Lowell for over a decade.

She has been teaching yoga since 2004 and began Focused Yoga a year ago:

For more info about her credentials, please see LinkedIn and Yoga Alliance.

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