Focused and Practical

I pride myself in offering yoga classes that are focused and practical. Each practice is just that -- a real practice in which I don't take up your whole hour with a lot of talk. As I get to know my students, I am able to adapt the class to the group's overall needs. With private students, I am able to increase the challenge of each practice and help each student reach his or her fitness, health, or mindfulness goals.

My fitness yoga students have told me that they feel stronger, more flexible, and more energized with their weekly practice. They tell me that they have more endurance and stamina in both their daily physical activities and the sports they enjoy.

I have recently begun teaching yoga for stress reduction and mindfulness. Students in these classes and private sessions tell me that they feel more centered, calmer, and better able to deal with life's daily stressors.

I see so much stress in the lives of many right now: everyone who is grappling with the rapid changes and uncertainty that we are all experiencing right now as a result of the pandemic.

I will be offering free resources on Facebook soon. These will include short meditation practices, short physical practices to reduce stress and chronic tension in all the usual places (neck, shoulders, hips, spine), and other mindfulness practices that I hope will help people achieve some level of balance during these challenging times.

Wishing you good health,


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