Coming Back to the Breath

It's interesting . . . I've been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching yoga since 2004, and have just recently been reminded of why I came to yoga in the first place. When I was 18, I wandered into a local yoga class to see what it was all about. I clearly remember being so drawn into the practice through the pranayama (breathing techniques) offered in that class. I immediately felt at home in my body, something I hadn't felt before. I came out of that one class feeling calm, centered and confident. This was new for me.

Once I became a yoga teacher, I taught exclusively in gyms and fitness centers and I love "fitness" yoga. I teach progressive vinyasa, trapeze yoga, and tone/sculpt yoga and love all of it! My students leave feeling stronger, more flexible, and centered. I also love that they feel challenged in their personal practices and that I can teach the classes according to their increased strength and flexibility.

Personally, I am very familiar with all of the benefits of a regular, daily practice that includes asanas, pranayama and meditation. And this regular practice has served me well through all that life has brought my way -- pregnancies, childbirth, stressful work situations, surgery and the healing process entailed in that.

But, I didn't bring the practices of pranayama and meditation to my fitness center classes which always felt too rushed to offer these practices with integrity.

Since I've been teaching online through the pandemic, I've noticed my students are really craving these practices. I've added Flexibility and Stress Reduction on Tuesday evenings and Mindful Yoga on Friday mornings. Please join us online or request a private session. I would love to help you discover all the benefits a personal practice has to offer!

Email me for a special offer!

Julie Sawyer, Ed.D.

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