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I have a special offer for now until the end of August! I’m looking for 3 people to work as case study participants for a Transformation Challenge. My current students appreciate that my classes and sessions are focused and practical and I would like to see if I can document some real results in a short period of time.

If you are interested, we would meet for a free 30-minute intro session to see if we might work well together. There is no pressure or commitment needed after this free session. I work with all kinds of clients and my specialties are yoga and mindfulness for:

· Back pain relief

· Stress reduction

· Injury/surgery recovery

· Better sleep

· Greater flexibility and energy

· Loosening tight hips and shoulders

· Restoring balance

· Counteracting one-sided training for sports

Benefits to You: deepen your yoga practice, build strength, flexibility, and balance while feeling better overall. No experience required.

Benefits to Me: I love to teach, and I'm looking to gain more personal stories from my clients. I'm asking all Case Study participants to share their story at the end of the program. It’s 100% optional to share your story, but it would be appreciated.


(1) 1X / WEEK PRIVATE YOGA (60 min) - To participate, you must be willing to meet for a private class with me (online) 1x per week for a month (4 private sessions total).

(2) 2X / WEEK SELF-PRACTICE (30 min) - Between our meetings, you must commit to at least 2 other days each week of self-practice - it can be as short as 30 minutes - but you have to follow through.

(3) STAY IN TOUCH - Email or message me with questions, updates, and your experiences as we move through the program together.

My normal price for a 1-month program like this is $189, but I’m offering this to Case Study participants from now until the end of the summer for just $94 (50% discount). There is no catch, meaning you don’t have to share your story with my clients at the end . . . but of course, I’m hoping you will!

Interested? Please contact me at 413-221-1695 or email me at

All the best,



Julie Sawyer, Ed.D.


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