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Updated: Mar 22

This past year, during the pandemic, I worked with several private clients and found there are so many aspects that I love about this work! First, the clients are serious about their health and maintaining or increasing, their fitness levels. Many have their own little studios or gyms in their homes and worked out during the lockdown. They have discipline! What I enjoy most is the spirit of collaboration when we come together (either at their homes now or still on Zoom). They have specific personal goals and I love helping them meet those goals through yoga.

Each week when we get together, I customize a practice designed just for them and then they commit to practicing the "homework" I give them (a printed out Tummee sequence) at least twice before we get together again. In that way, we all see progress!

These focused practices are customized for each student's needs and goals -- and the practices become progressively challenging over time. Together, we emphasize the development of flexibility and strength through our exchange of ideas and feedback. And my students build resilience and gain confidence both physically and emotionally.

Finally, I love the challenge of creating adaptive practices for those students who are recovering from an injury, surgery, anxiety, or depression. It is so rewarding to find a series of asanas that can be modified for specific needs.

Here are a few testimonials that speak to these adaptive practices:

Julie's sessions blended mind, body, and spirit practices that provided the holistic help I needed. Before each session, Julie listened carefully to what I was experiencing and reflected my physical and mental areas of challenge into the design of her session. I truly felt seen and heard. She sought frequent feedback about how the sessions were landing, which only empowered me to pay closer attention to what worked well for my mind, body, and spirit. I now feel like I have moves, sequences, and poses I can incorporate into my daily schedule, depending on what I need. I highly recommend Julie's sessions to anyone who looks to yoga for overall healing and joy! ~ Sarah

I recently completed 4 sessions of private classes with Julie. I was a flexible “gumby” for whom achieving yoga poses was previously not difficult. However, at age 73, with a hip replacement and a moderate rotator cuff tear, this was no longer the case. The leg with the replacement hip was weaker than the other leg; the injured shoulder, in order not to incur more damage, would not allow much weight-bearing. In addition, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I was no longer having therapeutic massage and my typically tight muscles became even tighter.

Julie patiently worked with me to determine my range of movement and strength. She provided me with a yoga plan that fits who I am now. I can confidently exercise without fear of injury and with the benefit of both maintaining and increasing flexibility, strength and relaxation. Additionally, certain poses target my tight muscles encouraging them to relax. I learned that compassion for my body, acknowledging what works for me now, is one of the ways I can keep it free of injury and pain, able to enjoy my active pursuits. ~ Lisa

I am in my mid 60s and although I am in good condition for my age, I am very inflexible, and yoga was not easy or fun. I tended to avoid it. A friend gifted me 4 private sessions with Julie, and I want to share my experience because it has transformed how I feel about yoga. Initially, Julie did an intake and explored and carefully listened to me as I talked about my physical challenges, ranging from stiff hips and storing stress in my upper body. When I started the 4 sessions, I could barely sit cross-legged, even when elevating my hips. Julie customized my practice and listened to my feedback and adapted the lessons to accommodate.

Julie made the practice enjoyable and sustainable. I found her two-shorter-practices-per-day recommendation both restorative and strengthening.

By the end of the 4 weeks, I can sit more comfortably and I have greater range of motion in my hips and neck. I have been practicing every day and look forward to it. I highly recommend working with Julie. ~ Susan

I have really enjoyed having one-on-one private sessions with Julie. I am 68 years old and had my hip replaced 3 years ago. Julie has really been able to help me focus on my body, my challenges, and areas that need to be strengthened. I have come a long way in my one-on-one sessions with Julie and even though group sessions are certainly very beneficial, I feel the private sessions have supported me to make great progress with my strength, coordination and balance.

1. The advantage of having a private session, is each session is molded to my particular goals and needs. For example, on a day when I’m tired, Julie changes to meet my needs.

2. I believe that I work way harder in a private session than I would in a class. I appreciate that the bar evolves with my abilities and that I end up pushing myself harder with support. ~ Karen

If you would like to explore the idea of private sessions, I offer a free 30-minute consultation to see if we might work well together.

I have 3 spots open for the spring and my schedule is busy but flexible.

Wishing you all the best in fitness and health,

Julie Sawyer, Ed.D., E-RYT 500


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