Plans for 2022?

This is the time of year many of us look back at the past year and make self-improvement plans for the new year. Do your goals for 2022 include taking better care of your physical and mental health? Over the next few weeks, I will be elaborating on the many benefits of a regular yoga practice which are outlined and summarized below.

You might consider joining us for regular classes (the winter schedule is below) or signing up for a few private sessions to get started. I have room in my schedule to add 3 more private clients in January.

I will also be introducing three new programs this year:

  • Fully online and self-paced 10-week mindfulness program (starting in January)

  • Nutrition coaching (beginning in February)

  • 100-hour in-depth yoga study including yoga anatomy training with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, co-authors of Yoga Anatomy (also starting in February)

Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice:

Stress Management: Stress can manifest in the body in many ways. Muscles may become tight and cause pain in the neck and back, and other areas, causing headaches, loss of sleep, and reduced focus and concentration. With a regular yoga practice that includes breathing techniques and mindfulness, you can develop skills to manage and reduce stress.

Athletic Training: Yoga can make your training more effective by increasing focus, endurance, and balance. A regular yoga practice can also increase muscle strength and tone.

Protection from Injury: Yoga is a wonderful antidote to one-sided training as it works every muscle and joint in ways that other physical trainings do not.

Injury Recovery: Yoga offers restorative practices to guide your body back from injury and prevent further injuries.

Increased Flexibility: Stretching and holding poses for some time elongates muscles and increases blood flow. This, of course, increases your range of motion and alleviates overall stress in the body.

Increased Energy: A regular yoga practice detoxes the body and massages the internal organs, releasing toxins. This raises the level of energy as your body receives oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, joints, and internal organs. A regular practice revitalizes the whole body.

Improved Respiration: Yogic breathing practices (pranayama) promote relaxation and build respiratory stamina.

Low Impact Exercise: Yoga is easy on the joints and perfect for those with arthritis or other joint inflammatory diseases.

Metabolism and Weight Loss: Many yoga students report more energy and increased metabolism. This, in turn, encourages yoga students to respect their bodies with mindful eating, which often leads to weight loss.

Circulatory Health: The cardiovascular system comprises the lungs, the heart, arteries, and blood vessels. Yoga works the whole circulatory system and benefits cardiovascular health through pranayama, controlled poses (asanas), and muscle targeting exercises. Progressive vinyasa can increase the benefits to circulatory health.

Please let me know if I can help with your 2022 goals!

Happy New Year!

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